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What We Do

We are a Brokerage General Agency connecting agents and advisors to the best carriers to address their client’s needs. Every client is different, and our partnered agents are able to access any product available to fit with their client’s particular needs and goals. It is simply not feasible for an agent to keep up to date with all of the changes around the industry, which is where we come in. We connect agents with solutions using primarily life insurance, annuities, long term care and disability insurance.

One of the services we provide that is unique to Milner Financial is in the impaired risk analysis. We have on staff underwriters who will find the best solution for clients with complicated risks. With over sixty years of combined underwriting experience, our team will present your client with every opportunity to protect themselves, and their families.

We work with financial advisors, insurance agents, financial planners, and registered investment advisors to provide them with the tools, skills, and support network necessary to succeed in the insurance industry.

We understand that an agent’s main focus should be to spend as much time as possible cultivating new client relationships and strengthening current relationships. Our purpose is to make sure that you are able to add value to that client experience in any area that you need to, efficiently and effectively.

Along with marketing support, advanced planning consultation, and back-office assistance, our core services include:

• Life Insurance
• Annuities
• LTC (Long Term Care)
• Underwriting
• Advanced Markets
• Disability
"Milner Financial has been available to me in helping me to make this year one of my best! What I love about them, is that they respond to me very quickly in regards to my new cases...I have been in the business since 1979, and in the past, I did business by taking care of everything myself. I did not realize the help Milner would be to me as a team of smart and caring people! Having the help of Milner Financial with new cases has allowed me more time not only for my clients, but for my family. "
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Cissy H.

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How We Do It

All agents aim to leverage their time and increase the value they bring to their clients. We’ll show you how easy that can be with our innovative approach to advisor support and exclusive resources.

Each agent is assigned one of our case management professionals to handle the ongoing administrative aspects of the business. The case management team brings extraordinary attention to detail and communication of ongoing requirements so that every agent can maintain efficiency and control throughout the application process.

We have an underwriting staff of 60+ years of experience working with clients who may have various underwriting challenges. Our goal is to ensure that every avenue is exhausted in an effort to acquire the best possible outcome for each and every client. If you are working with a client that has any kind of impaired risk, our experienced team of underwriters will work in the interest of the client to garner the best possible rating that is available.

Along with the case manager, each agent is assigned an agent relationship manager (ARM) who will assist will all presale support and advanced case design. Our ARMs are up to date on all of the product and industry changes, which will help agents get their clients to make the very best decisions for themselves and their families.

Our virtual advisor program gives agents access to all the tools they need to conduct business without the need to be face to face with their clients. The way that agents conduct business is always changing and Milner Financial is focused on making sure that we are able to adapt to any changes.

"My relationship with my friends at Milner Financial goes back almost 40 years. They are wonderful, knowledgeable, capable people, and they genuinely care about doing the right thing for the customer. I ask them to speak with my customers all the time, and the Milner Financial Associates always make me look bigger than I am. I rely on them, and they are fun to work with. They are true professionals and I give my friends at Milner Financial my highest recommendation."
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Dan K.

Why We Do It

A Legacy of Innovation

Willis J. Milner started the Milner legacy with the intention of ensuring that every client would be given the best possible opportunity to gain life insurance coverage, regardless of the client's medical history.

His efforts helped to revolutionize the manner and method in which insurance coverage was designed and delivered to those clients with medical conditions. We strive to honor this legacy by making sure that each client is treated as an individual, not just an applicant with a medical condition.

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Milner Financial Security for Generations

Over 60 Years of Excellence

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